Dyslexia the Facts.......

Dyslexia is not just about reading and writing?

Ten percent of the population are dyslexic

The majority of these people:

  • Do not realise they are dyslexic
  • Often feel inadequate
  • The majority do not understand their own challenges
  • Many have not had appropriate guidance or support
  • They can get very stressed in situations where they feel 'out of their depth'
  • Therefore many will be under-achieving at work.

Dyslexic people can have key strengths as well as experiencing difficulties

These strengths include:

  • Creativity and innovative thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Being Practical and 'hands-on'
  • Motivation and determination (when they feel confident in their environment)

These are some of the very skills sought after and appreciated by successful businesses today however many dyslexic individuals have low self esteem due to past experiences and may not have discovered what they are good at yet!

Did you know that 18% of entrepreneurs in the UK are dyslexic? (CASS, 2008)

Employers will have dyslexic people in their workforce.

  • Many managers do not know how to manage their dyslexic staff.
  • Therefore managers are not getting the best out of their teams.
  • Through lack of understanding many employers are not complying with the Equality Act 2010.
  • And there are increasing numbers of Employment Tribunals as a result.

Help is available at no cost to the individual:

If you think you are dyslexic and want to find out what is available to you:

Employers wanting more information on awareness training, Equality Act 2010 compliance and reasonable adjustments should contact the British Dyslexia Association.