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Always longing to find something I was good at and never really getting there

That is how Janette describes her feelings prior to finding out about her dyslexia when in her mid thirties. Having left school with three low level qualifications, despite staying on into the sixth form at the well respected London grammar school, Janette baulked at the thought of further study, exams or speaking in front of people. However, when she received guidance with coping strategies and had a greater understanding of her own challenges she went on to gain a good Joint Honors Degree specialising in Service Management and Service Marketing – and her varied and interesting career then took off.

Janette puts the needs of people first and is keen to help them achieve their full potential. She says that whether she is working with businesses, individuals or groups the needs of people are of paramount importance. ‘Thriving businesses are those who not only provide quality products but also consider the needs of their employees. The staff are their most valuable asset and businesses who fail to realise and don’t listen to their people may be missing the chance to fully achieve their full business potential’. She has extensive experience in personal development and has worked with people from all walks of life, in a cross-section of environments working with CEOs, ex-offenders, managers, students, teachers , parents – the list goes on. Her employment after university included being an Area Manager for the Princes Trust helping young people to overcome their challenges and move on in life and a Business Link Adviser working with people in the start-up and development stages of their businesses.

Very keen to ’make a difference’ Janette went on to qualify as a social enterprise business adviser and wrote Business Link Southeast’s first workbook and workshop on Running a social enterprise. When she became a freelance consultant in 2007 she also became an Associate Trainer for the British Dyslexia Association enabling her to do work she is really passionate about and incorporate this into everything she delivers whether one to one, workshops or business advice. Janette’s style is inclusive and motivating ensuring that all participants are engaged, feel valued and empowered to move forward with whatever they want to do.

As someone who didn’t have the confidence to speak in front of two people let alone deliver group training Janette now works across the UK and annually presents to hundreds of people. If you would like to find out more about her portfolio or discuss bespoke options. Janette would be pleased to hear from you.

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